Gutter Repair

The storm conditions in the Chicagoland Northwest Suburbs are brutal on gutters.  Heavy snows, ice and freeze-thaw cycles exert immense destructive force on every seam, joint and corner of our poor gutter systems here in Lake County.  Here are a few common gutter problems we repair.

Gutter Repairs in Lake County:

Top Six Gutter Problems

It is sometimes quite affordable (and smart) to repair the gutters you have instead of replacing them.  For example, most aluminum gutters last 15-25 years.  If you know for a fact that your gutters are not that old (under 10 years) and the repair is only needed in a sole isolated area, it might probably make sense to repair rather than replace.  

When Not to Repair Gutters:

If your gutter system is over fifteen years old and you are getting a new roof, it is advisable to get new gutters as the roof is being replaced.  Put simply, the time to integrate the two systems (roof and gutters) is when a new roof is happening.  Dealing with flashing problems, inadequate pitch, bad downspout locations, ugly color or other significant gutter problems is a real headache unless tackled at the time the roof is being replaced.

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