Venetian Village, IL is a unique town in that it is mostly made up of canals instead of roads. This can be a magical place to live but it also means that when a big storm hits, the damage can be widespread. The town was recently hit by a large storm and the damage was significant. Many of the canals were filled with debris and covered in mud. The water level in the canals rose significantly, damaging homes and businesses. Power was out for days in some areas. The Venetian Village community has begun the process of storm restoration.Volunteers have been working tirelessly to clear debris from the canals and repair damage to homes and businesses. The town is slowly getting back to normal but it will take some time for everything to be completely restored. We are all grateful for the hard work of the volunteers and we are hopeful that Venetian Village will soon be back to its former beauty.

Northwest Storm Restoration, LLC is here to help!

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